All photography provided by Michael Vree

Job Application

At Samson Farms our employees make up the backbone of our company. We strive to create an enjoyable work experience that has been experienced by so many throughout the years. Feel free to fill out the job application and attach your resume!


After completing the job application, scan and email back to or fax to (360) 966-4526! 

Thank you!

Summer Employment

Processing Plant Workers

-Flat Washers
-Flat Dumpers
-Inspection Line Sorters
-Box, Pail, & Drum Fillers
-Case & Pail Stackers
-Forklift Operators

Field Workers

-harvester operators
-Harvester Sorters
-Field Truck Drivers 

Fall/Winter Employment

Field Workers

-Raspberry pruning & tying
-blueberry Pruning